What inspires me

As the raw material of the studio is creativity, there is a fuel that can not be lacking in my process of generating ideas: INSPIRATION.


Inspiring is the most important part of my work because that is how I keep my energy high to connect with clients in a more present and conscious way and for this I use some indispensable tools for a light and loving creative process.


able to move stagnant energies and release them from my field, opening space for new ideas and perceptions, which is essential to nourish my creativity. Through free movements I connect with my truth and I am able to honor it, bringing all this power and will to the development of the projects. Dancing keeps me creative, free, brave and true to myself and to my purpose within Citrino Design.


Connecting to nature is where I clean and recharge my energies, keeping myself in line with the flow of my purpose. Here is also where I pause, silence, breath and realign my field to keep me light, happy and available to my clients. Seeing sunrise and sunset are my favorite moments of alignment with the my essence.


It has the potential to affect our autonomic nervous system and awaken positive and negative emotions in our body. I am a wired by sound, I listen to music all the time and naturally music becomes another tool to induce positive emotions in my body and to keep me inspired for the creations in the studio.


Open space in the agenda to simply be, without appointments and tasks. These moments of emptiness where I allow myself to do things that I love and nurture me are essential to keep me joyful and inspired creatively. Listening to music, reading a good book, sitting at a coffee shop, talking to friends, watching a movie, sitting in the park in the sun, having a glass of wine ... it doesn't matter, as long as it's something that makes me feel good and that I really love to do.