What is Intuitive Design?

Is the creative method developed by Sofia for the development of brands and graphic materials for New Age projects. This is the result of the union of four important areas of her life: Design, Reiki, Presence and Intuition.

But how does Intuitive Design happen? 

All projects start with a field cleanse and intent centering meditation. After this, Reiki is applied to the idea and to the client that sustains that idea to harmonize the creative process that is being open at this time. Presence enters as the tool that keeps me connected to the here and now and dedicated to the project in progress, facilitating the connection with my intuition and with the paths to be followed in creative development. Design is the technique that organizes these factors and takes into account the target audience, the market and the right visual aesthetics for the project to communicate efficiently and successfully. And finally, Intuition, the field that sustains all information and which I am connected from the first conversation with the client, through the creative development until the end with the manifestation of the new identity in the world.

This creative method was created primarily out of respect for all my talents and gifts, uniting them to each other for my personal and professional fulfillment. As important as this, it was also developed to support projects and new businesses that, like me, work prioritizing generating actions that will contribute to a more conscious and loving society.


Intuitive creative moment


Harmonization and energy alignment for both
the project and the client



Cleansing, energizing and intention-anchoring meditation




What can be developed with Intuitive Design?

Brand Development and Visual Identity

Graphic Material

E-books and Manuals

Visual identity for Instagram feed

Posts for Social Media


And much more...