Hello, I am Sofia.

My name is Sofia Severo and I am the founder of Citrino Design. I'll tell you briefly my story because I think it's important for you to know me and to know how I got here, working as digital nomad, creative entrepreneur, intuitive designer and so happy with the accomplishment of my purpose.


I’ve been working as a graphic designer for 20 years focused on branding, visual identity, editorial design, pattern design and advertising projects in São Paulo and Santa Catarina. I have a degree in Industrial Design from the São Paulo University of Fine Arts and a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts from Senac EaD. This is my technical and academic side. Now I will tell you about my other side, the one who communicates with my soul and nurtures my business.

I am a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher graduated in Brazil, Yin Yoga Teacher graduated in Ireland, Reiki therapist at the Satya Reiki Communion School (Puna - India), soul dancer, very intuitive and art lover.


For many years I was in doubt about what path to follow as my professional purpose, whether I stayed with my creative side as a designer or strengthened my path within the processes of self-knowledge and soul evolution. After having done so many healing therapies, I can accept and honor all the parts that make me the woman that I am and, today, I have the pleasure of living a life where these two paths meet in a beautiful and harmonious way. This is how I created the Intuitive Design, the creative process which I currently work that unites Design, Reiki and Yoga, and which supports the development of all projects that pass through Citrino Design.


Today I am a creative, intuitive and brave woman who has learned to unite all my talents and gifts to help people manifest their dreams in the world in a loving and truthful way.